Andrew Que, 22, at his console Jan 2001
   This page was created and maintained by Andrew Que.  Andrew is has been an active computer enthusiast sence age 12.  He is involved in many arias in computing including programming, consulting, design, graphics, music, gaming, networking and web design.  Currently, Andrew works as an embedded computer programmer and consultant.
   Andrew is very interested in many types of science and enjoys reading about new technology and recent discoveries.  The quest to gain this knowledge has Andrew spending a lot of time on the internet.  From time to time, Andrew comes across picture such as those on this page.  With the right pictures, Andrew often puts together a collage.  Some of these are have been shared here along with the original images and make nice desktop wallpaper.
   On occasion, Andrew does some story writing.  Some of the pictures found on this site come from the stores Andrew has created.
   If you would like to contact Andrew, goto the contact page.

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