All artwork on this page has been composed by Andrew Que.  Credit for images used as part of the works are given for any image not produced by Andrew Que.  The orignal authors of these images were contacted to request permition for their use on this site.
   Images created using software from this site are compleatly without copyright.  Do with them what ever you like.

Use of Artwork

   The artwork on this site is freely avalibal for personal use (such as desktop wall paper).  None of the artwork here contains a copyright notice or by line as I did not want to runnen the image with such things.  I ask that if you give/send any of the images from this site to others to please note it's source (ie. this site) so others can find this information.

My basic golden rule:
As long as it remains 100% free, it's more than likely okay with me.

   If you wish to redistribute any of the artwork on this site,  please contact me.  For the part, as long as it's non-profit, I more than likely will have no problem with it.  I do not wish to have this artwork part of anything sold-- I want the images to stay free of charge.  This includes sites requiering accounts (including free accounts) to access contents, printed distribution to be sold and distribution on CD or other media not 100% free of charge.
   I am not intrested in selling my artwork or the copyright to it so don't even bother asking.  I am not intrested in being distributed on a site if it's not using 100% unartered images.  That is, even if the site is free, I don't want the images marked with banners or anything else.  (See below for request to modify)
   I would be intrested in offers to have this site mirrored or translated as long as the offer is free of charge.  I may also be intrested in linking your site if it is related to fractals and/or fractal art.  Please contract me if you're intrested.

   Natraly, everyone is free to modify the artwork they download here for their own personal use.  However, if you wish to redistribute the modified works I ask these terms be followed.
   First, please contact me and tell me what you are planning on doing.  If you're creating a web site for your own work, I would be very intrested in seeing it myself.
   Second, I ask that the orignal images get credit someware acessable near ware the images is displayed.
   Third, I will not agree to have images using some or part of any of my works ware unartered images are not 100% free of charge.

   Ya, the terms here are likely not all that leagly binding.  If you honnestly want to screw me there isn't much I'm going to do about it.  But please have some moral deceny and ahead to my requests if you want to redistribute/modify my work.  Although I did do it for fun, it did take time and I'd like to think I'm alowed something for giveing it away.

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